Food used to be simple. Our ancestors ate the bounty from fields around them and cooked every meal from scratch, and their favorite “preservative” was a canning jar. And guess what — they were naturally thinner, resisted chronic disease better, and probably had a lot more energy to boot!

Times have changed, but eating simple, wholesome, “clean” meals is still one of the easiest and most delicious ways to stay lean, healthy, and looking and feeling great.

The Clean Truth

Each chapter in Eat Clean, Stay Lean offers savvy tidbits to help you stay healthy, keep losing, and savor food and life even more.

  • Eating Out? Sit Here
    In experiments, people sitting by windows or at high tables ordered healthier food and tended to skip dessert and alcohol, compared with people sitting in dimly lit booths. Why? Being more visible and sitting in a more upright, alert position may make you more tuned in to your hunger and food choices, making you less likely to indulge in something you know you should probably skip.
  • The Hidden Allergen in Your GF Foods
    Ever hear of lupin? The FDA warns that this little-known legume can cause allergic reactions ranging from hives to full-blown anaphylaxis. People with existing legume allergies, especially to peanuts, are most at risk. And, because it makes a great substitute for gluten-containing flours, lupin is popping up all over. Stay alert to ingredient lists. Lupin is required by law to be listed as “lupin” or “lupine.”
  • Shop Cleaner, Leaner, and Smarter
    Have a light meal or snack before you go shopping. It’s easier to slip and make a bad choice if you’re hungry. Some research even suggests that chewing mint gum as you shop offers the same benefit.

Eat Clean, Stay Lean is the definitive handbook on clean eating for lifelong health and lasting weight loss. Inside, you’ll learn exactly what clean eating means (think satisfaction, NOT deprivation) and how to make the easy clean-food swaps that trigger weight loss, put the brakes on appetite, fight disease, optimize your metabolism, and get you glowing from the inside out.

Packed with fun graphics and products vetted by the scrutinizing team of Prevention editors, Eat Clean, Stay Lean makes it easy to eat your way to a fabulous body and a fantastic life!

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