The Healthy You Diet isn’t a fad diet. If you follow the program, you will lose weight, as attested to by the thousands of people who have successfully done so. My philosophy is rooted in being kind to your body and fueling it with meals that are healthy and wholesome. If you adhere to my philosophy, you will lose weight.” —Dawna Stone

Thousands of people have lost their most stubborn pounds and gained slim, healthy new bodies using Dawna Stone's revolutionary 14-day plan for clean eating that helps you shed unwanted weight and revitalize your life.

And now, you can learn how to feel more energized, focused, and refreshed and be back into your skinny jeans before you know it with the deliciously simple, no-guesswork plan and 100 delectable recipes in The Healthy You Diet.

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No matter how many pounds you're trying to lose — 10 post-pregnancy, 25 before your daughter's wedding, 50 to control your diabetes, or even 100 pounds! — The Healthy You Diet has everything you need to jumpstart your transformation. Renowned health coach Dawna Stone makes it easy to ditch the eating habits that have been sabotaging your happiness and achieve the slim, vibrant body you’ve always wanted!

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One of the major reasons traditional diets don't work is that they expect you to go cold turkey and cut certain food groups all at once. Such a drastic change is often too much to handle, so we quickly revert back to our old eating habits. The Healthy You Diet helps you gradually change your diet and your approach to food.

The program is divided into two 1-week phases: the Elimination Phase and the Clean Phase. During the Elimination Phase, you'll omit one of the Big Seven items — sugar, wheat, dairy, processed foods, artificial sweeteners (including diet soda), red meat, and alcohol — from your diet each day, rather than all at once. Day by day, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel, how quickly you lose weight by eliminating these foods, and how this gradual process of elimination allows you to adjust to changes in your diet.

Before trying the The Healthy You Diet program, people often tell me they're concerned that once they eliminate the Big Seven, there won't be enough left for them to eat. Remember, I’m asking you to eliminate these foods for just 2 weeks. It's not that I think they are necessarily bad, but I do think that most of us make poor choices or eat these foods in excess. Temporarily eliminating them from your diet will make you more conscious of what you’re eating and help you understand how they affect your mood, energy levels, sleep, skin, and weight. Like the thousands of others who have lost weight — permanently — on The Healthy You Diet, you can successfully manage this phase.

During the Clean Phase, you’ll be introduced to delicious, filling recipes, all prepared without the Big Seven. Your body will feel lighter and more energetic, your mind will be clearer and more focused, and your sleep will be deeper and more restful. The results you see will keep you on track and determined to follow The Healthy You Diet.

For both weeks, I offer day-by-day meal plans and easy recipes to keep you satisfied and motivated while you achieve your long-term weight loss goals!

A typical person following the plan described in The Healthy You Diet should expect a safe and healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.


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